Contextual Art Walk – by Ewald x Ros 


Thu. 19 May 2022, 3-6 p.m.
10 years JOEY RAMONE x Opening solo-show Maurice Meewisse

On the occasion of the 10-years anniversary of JOEY RAMONE Rotterdam, Ewald x Ros is pleased to gift the gallery and interested collectors/visitors with a contextual art walk. The endpoint of the walk will be at the gallery, coinciding with the opening of the 1st solo show by Rotterdam-based artist Maurice Meeuwisse.

JOEY RAMONE was founded in 2012 by Greek artist Kiki Petratou and the Dutch collector Hans Bakker. The gallery showcases an ambitious and vibrant multidisciplinary and cross-generational program with national and international artists. The gallery artists use a diverse range of media to explore contemporary socio-political, cultural and technological topics.

Honouring the history of the gallery as well as the various endeavours as to content – such as the project “Attraction of the Opposites” at Cucosa/Hofbogen (2011/2012) and the curation of a show at Roodkapje for Route du Nord (2014) next to other projects  – the walk entails visiting:
Neck of the Woods – with works by Paul Vinken (sculpture), Greet Billet (installation), Eric de Smet (spatial/drawings), a.o.
Hofbogen – visit connected to the history of the location as well as the former artists studios Cucosa and the project “Attraction of the Opposites”, cur. by Kiki Petratou & Hans Bakker
Roodkapje – with works by Simon Keijzer, artist-in-residence (installations, performance)
JOEY RAMONE – pre-opening solo show by Maurice Meewisse (installation)

During this walk, we will talk about the art on display next to providing the background to the various locations, embedded in the context and history.

Starting point: Neck of the Woods, Heer Bokelweg 155-157 (meet us Thu. 19 May at 2.55 p.m.)

Thank you for joining our first free Art Contextual Walk during the Rotterdam Art Week 2022.

This art walk marked the beginning of the new endeavour “Ewald x Ros” for dedicated art encounters & tours. With a rich background and experience in various fields of art, Gritta Ewald and Anne-Marie Ros are joining forces to provide in-depth encounters with art through tours and other formats.

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