Art Encounters at Art Central Rotterdam XL

Ewald x Ros TOUR PARTNER for Art Central Rotterdam XL – Art Weekend 2023

More than 30 art spaces and institutions joined forces to spotlight Rotterdam’s contemporary art scene, from 17 to 19 March 2023. During this cultural event, the art spaces and institutions in Rotterdam simultaneously opens their exhibitions with extended opening hours to offer a complete program of activities accessible to the public for free: joint opening, a program of events and 6 guided tours by Ewald x Ros to discover and appreciate contemporary artworks, unique art centres and institutions located in every part of the city.

Over three days, the 2nd edition of Art Central Rotterdam XL aims to bring the public closer to contemporary creation and disseminate the Rotterdam artistic scene internationally. Art Central Rotterdam presents a central exhibition “SUBJECT:TRANSITION”, curated by Anna Buyvid at the new art space Baanhof, that aims to reflect on transitions in the broadest sense. During Art Central Rotterdam XL Art Weekend, Baanhof will be the home base where both the opening of the weekend and the central exhibition will take place.

Art Central Rotterdam XL–Art Weekend
Saturday 18-3 and Sunday 19-3, at all location, 12 – 18 hrs

Central exhibition at Baanhof: 17 March, 20.00–01.00 (opening night & party), 18 March & 19 March, 11.00–20.00
On view until 10 April 2023, on Saturdays + Sundays, 12.00–18.00

Your tickets for the Guided Tours to discover Rotterdam’s art scene can be booked here | €2.50/pp per guided tour

Saturday 18 March 2023
Tour A – OWN BIKE | 12 – 14 hrs | DISCOVER THE BEST IN WEST – guide Anne-Marie
o.a @a_tale_of_a_tub @huidenclub @studio_seine @het.archief @rootgallery

Tour B – WALK | 12 – 13.30 hrs | HIDDEN AND KNOWN ART SPACES – guide Gritta
o.a @roof_a_gallery @kunstinstituutmelly @tentrotterdam @worm_rotterdam @mamarotterdam 

Tour C – OWN BIKE | 15 – 17 hrs | AROUND THE CITY CENTRE – guide Gritta
o.a @roodkapje_rotterdam @notwrotterdam @garagerotterdam @eyeloveyouartspace  

Sunday 19 March 2023
Tour D – OWN BIKE | 12 – 14 hrs | ART RIDE ON THE SOUTH SIDE – guide Gritta
o.a @murals_inc @rib_rotterdam @nieuwcharlois @shimmer_rotterdam @baanhof

Tour E – WALK | 12 – 13.30 hrs | ART IN THE CITY HEART – guide Anne-Marie
o.a @joey_ramone_rotterdam @franktaalgallery @galerieatelierherenplaats 
@omirotterdam @printroom_rtm

Tour F – OWN BIKE | 15 – 17 hrs | INTERNATIONAL ROUTE – guide Anne-Marie
o.a @goetheinstitut @zerpgalerie @christianouwensgalerie @phoebus.rotterdam

DIY Routes may be available later.

Feel free to contact us – we organize guided art encounters for private groups:
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